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Don't take the quality of a photographic filter for granted. There are big differences, although they can (hardly) be seen with the naked eye. They can be gauged though. And that is exactly what we do, over and over again. So we know for certain that many filter types of other brands produce loss of contrast and detail. And we know that some filters are very easily damaged; scratched or broken. And then there are filters housed in thick, heavy rings, that will cause vignetting. Do you think of all that, when buying a filter?
Amongst the many brands that are now offering filters, only a few offer true quality. Hoya is one of them. And one more thing: don't just take our word for it, try it.

The Japanese Hoya corporation has been producing high quality photographic filters since 1941. In another business unit they develop and produce optics for eye care and medical purposes, but our Hoya filters are specially designed to be photo-improvers. Hoya accomplishes this, and distinguishes at the same time, through the use of multiple coatings, reinforced optical glass makes and refined filter rings. And for colored or grey filters, Hoya does not use coatings, but colored glass. No doubt you can imagine how that greatly improves the optical performance of a filter.