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Rather than a wide range of mediocre lenses, Tokina's lens developers and technicians choose to focus on special solutions and outstanding quality.

So you'll find that Tokina does not offer more than 10 different models at any time. But don't be surprised when you encounter a multiple amount of lens models used by professional photographers all over the world. How come? Well, its simple: a Tokina lens lasts very, very long. Anyone purchasing a Tokina years and years ago, is still a happy user of that lens today. The fact is: Tokina shows an impressive service record with designing and producing lenses.

In the last decade Tokina has focussed on the production of exceptionally good wide angle and super-wide angle lenses. The AT-X 12-24 f/4.0 is probably the most legendary model. A great short wide-angle specially designed for digital camera's. These are camera's with a smaller sensor than the 35mm full frame format. Tokina's 12-24 was and is still judged by independent and specialized media as the best lens in its kind. And now there's a newborn, based on the same optical calculations and build. The Tokina AT-X 12-28 f/4.0.
Almost simultaneously Tokina exceeded their own achievement with the super-wide angle zoomlens AT-X 11-16 f/2.8. An incredible beauty. Despite it's wide angle there's hardly any distortion and it's wide aperture does not bring in any aberrations either.
This ultra-wide is very popular amongst photographers in the field of landscapes, architecture and reportage, but even more so with DSLR-filmers. Quite some video professionals state it as the best spacial video lens available at this moment.

Tokina lenses distinguish themselves with striking good mechanical builds and finish ánd their eminent optical quality.