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C - standard class

UV O CASE FRONTBy the sound of it, this is an ordinary filter, but don't forget: it is a HOYA standard class. And with HOYA, standard means: high quality optical glass, polished surfaces, polished glass rim, high quality control. The Hoya standard class is better from the start than most other brands and incomparably better than numerous unknown and cheapy fantasy-brand filters.


Hoya is the worlds largest optical manufacturer. No corporation produces more high quality optical glass than this Japanese brand. You will find Hoya glass in most spectacles and contact lenses. So it is a brand that needs to keep their brand image high. It's only natural they maintain their high standards in the photographic fielt too.


Glass quality differs greatly. In a Hoya filter, you will always find optical glass. This type of glass is more pure than normal glass that you find in windows. Also, the optical glass has been specially composed to make it as transparent as possible and to allow all colors of the light spectrum pass equally. But, by nature, glass will always reflect and absorb some light rays. Therefore, special coatings on both glass surfaces are applied, that increase the transparency and reduce the reflection from the surfaces at the same time.

The edge of the glass plane from Hoya filters is polished before it is mounted in the ring. This will deminish the chance of tiny reflections from the sides. Also both surfaces of the glass plane are polished, before the coatings are applied. It makes the glass perform with maximum resolution and minium distortion.


HOYA's C-class filters come with one layer of coating on both sides of the class. This induces a transparency of 93%. No more than 7% of the light is reflected from the forward glass surface. For a standard filter, these figures are rather impressive. A typical cheap filter of another brand might reflect 15-20% of the light.

In a nutshell: A Hoya C-class fliter outperformes most other 'standard' filters from other brands, but you can get your Hoya for a very fair price. This way Hoya enables the budget-wise photographer to also use the best brand available.