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TSE Imaging is the official European service station for Tokina lenses, Hoya filters, Minolta binoculars and Slik tripods and ball heads. For Crumpler bags,  Photoclam ball heads, Sirui tripods, RingLight rigs and Sharpen memory cards, TSE Imaging is the service station for the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg.

The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg          All of Europe (BeNeLux included)
Crumpler bags
  Hoya photographic filters
LedGo Lighting   Minolta binoculars
RingLight Video Supports   Slik tripods and heads
Sirui Tripods and Heads   Tokina lenses


To obtain service, either upon payment or warranty, we advise you to first send in a service request. You can do so with the link on this page. Sending in goods for service without prior notice, might result in delays.

Service request procedures

1 Request service by filling out the form (see link below).
2 You will receive a confirmation mail within minutes.
3 Print the mail-message.
4 Pack the product thoroughly together with the documents (confirmation e-mail, orginal purchase receipt and warranty card).
5 Write on the outside of the box: RMA (Your service request can be identified a treated with priority).
6 Send the package by trusted forwarder (with track/trace service) to: Tokina Service Europe, Argonweg 135, 1362 AD Almere.

Send in your product right after your request, there's no need to wait for confirmation.

Click here to request service.

Entitled to warranty? don't forget to send in your warranty card and original purchase receipt together with the product. Read more about the warranty chain at the bottom of this page.

Did you not buy your product in the Netherlands, Belgium or Luxemburg? You can find links to global brand partners on this page. 

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The warranty chain

Manufacturers, importers, distributors and outlets work together in a global warranty chain. On the warranty card, enclosed in the product packaging, you can find the terms and conditions. The information on this pages and this website is only for informational purposes. No rights can be claimed.
When you purchase a product in a (physical) shop, that shop offers you first technical aid without any cost. It's service. It's the way physical shops do business. After all, they are your business partner.
In case your product needs the attention of a specialized technician, such as one of ours, then the shop sends in the product to that brand's assigned service station for that region in the world. For instance: a shop sends a Tokina lens to us. If the warranty can be ascertained (serial number check, warranty card, original purchase receipt), your product will be repaired or replaced without cost and sent back.
Since the (physical) shop takes care of handling and shipment and we service the product free of charge, a warranty request within the region where you purchased your product will cost you nothing at all. That's service.

Did you buy your product in another shop than the region you are claiming warranty in?

In that case the shop owner where you bring your product for repair is entitled to charge you for some cost (handling and shipment).
If your warranty claim can be ascertained (serial number check, warranty card, original purchase receipt) we will not charge you any cost.

Did you buy your product in another country or region than the region you are claiming warranty in?

In such a case you are entitled to the manufacturers warranty of our brands, but you need to be aware that some cost for handling and shipment are due. Both the shop where you bring your product for service and the assigned (regional) service station can charge for cost of handling, insurance and transport.
All cost for repair of replacement of the product itself are covered by the warranty, provided that the original purchase receipt and the warranty card accompany your product.

Just a remark concerning international internet shops

Most internet shops offer their products without boundaries. Especially in Europa it's very easy to buy a product from an internet shop in a neighboring country. Did you buy your product at such a webshop and not at a physical shop within the country, then please be advised that extra cost may be charged, even if your warranty claim can be ascertained.
Because, if your product's serial number does not match the range of serial numbers that TSE Imaging has imported, then you are entitled for a full warranty in the country of purchase only. The manufacturers global warranty applies undiminished, but cost for handling, security and transport are not included.

(RMA = Return Merchandise Authorization)